Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Relationship

As I ascended the stairs thinking about how many times I had climbed these stairs today, I started to wonder if I should cancel my gym membership and just climb the stairs all day. When I reached the third floor and opened the vacant/ newly rented apartment I breathed I sigh of relief that my climb was over. This of course made me feel like an old man; why should I be out of breath with just a mere three flights of stairs in my early twenties? It could be… well it's the smoking. I will quit immediately, or maybe I should quite when the job stops being so stressful…ha never!

I entered the apartment and looked around the vacant space, checking the fridge, stove, toilet, lights and so on to see if they work properly in preparation for the new tenant. As I looked around I wondered how many tenants have come and gone through this particular apartment. Since I have been here, at least seven tenants have gone through, but the building has been around for almost a hundred years. If only I could read, or better yet watch the stories of these apartments and the different people with all their different stories; how interesting would that be?

I confirmed that everything was working, stepped out of the apartment, locked the door, and started my descent, something I love doing in my building or any building. The reason for this is, as I go down the stairs I start to glide down like Madonna did in the 2003 VMA Awards with Britney Spears and Christina, (which you can see in this following link:

Yes, I know. I am SOOO gay, but that's already has been established. You’ve got to create your own fun on this job or else it gets boring.

I stepped outside to wait for the new tenant, sneaking a smoke as I searched up and down the street for him. As I waited I started to hope and imagine that my new tenant is an easy going person and not a nag, and doesn’t complain all the time about insignificant little things. In addition to that, I hoped the guy would not be hot, and defiantly not a blond, blue eyed hunk, so I wouldn't be too intimidated by him, meaning that I will be able to say no to requests that are not in my job description. I tend to get weak around hot guys, I simply can't say no when they ask for things they should not ask, like say install an air conditioner, which by the way is not a super’s responsibility. Thinking about it, I started to feel ashamed as I pulled another drag from my cigarette at my weakness for beautiful men and how much of a 13 year old I become when I am in their presence. I was suddenly snapped out of my screwed-up thinking by a guy standing next to me asking "Hi, are you Hayden?"

I looked stunned for a second but managed to gather myself fast and reply "Hi, yes, yes I am. You're the new Tenant right?"

He started smiling and said "Yes I am. My name is Logan. Nice to meet you."

He shook my hand and I replied back as I checked out his biceps. "Nice to meet you too Logan, lets head up to your new apartment and I will explain how everything works." As I climbed the stairs, yet again, this time with Logan trailing right behind me, I started to think about his well-toned bicep, his cute frat boy face, and as far as I can see through his shirt, great abs. His character seems nice enough and from what I can tell he is going to be a pretty good tenant, or at the very least a tolerable, pretty tenant. But of course, that's yet to be seen.

As I showed him how everything worked and where everything goes he kept looking at me with a smile on his face. I began to wish he would just stop smiling. I mean, what was he smiling about anyway. I really hate guys with cute smiles… well it's not going to work on me. I handed him the keys, said my goodbyes, and exited the apartment.

I descended the stairs again; this time I didn't do the Madonna entrance because I was too occupied with the relationship I just established. I mean I gave him my email and my number and told him to call me any time he had an emergency or complaint. I live with this guy now. Well, I live in the same building with him, awaiting his complaints/demands, making his living environment as pleasant as possible. As I hit the ground floor I realized what a screwed-up relationship this is, a personal relationship that’s one sided and I am on the wrong side. Every relationship is abusive in a way. I have my own relationship and from time to time it gets abusive, but in the end you get the gratification of love and support back and it's all good. The relationship with my tenants is neither personal nor professional; it is a little bit of each making the whole thing unpredictable and unhealthy.

I opened my apartment door and quickly closed it behind me, and looked around as I took off my shoes. Suddenly I remembered that I pay no rent to live in Manhattan, making the whole pseudo- servant relationship with my tenants a little bit more worth it. I mean how many people get to live in New York City for free? How many people want to live in New York city period? For now it’s worth it, and for the millionth time I convinced my self not to go crazy. Suddenly I heard a knock on my door. As I opened the door I saw my rent control tenant that loves nothing more than tattling on the other tenants. Let’s see what she has to tell me today.